Modulating Our Immune System to Fight Disease

1:45 PM–2:45 PM Jun 21, 2017

Room 6C, Upper Level

Depending on with whom you speak, the idea of harnessing our immune system to fight disease started more than a century ago. Clinical successes of immunotherapies in oncology have garnered greater attention to manipulating our immune system to fight other diseases. Earlier successes of tempering the immune system in autoimmune diseases continue to influence immunology-based therapeutic approaches. In this session, panelists will review breakthrough research about the fundamental pathways governing the immune system and how it is informing multiple opportunities to develop new treatments for both oncology and non-oncology indications, particularly where common pathways underlie divergent disease states. The session will also compare how these pathways can be leveraged - to either turn up or turn down the immune system to fight disease.

Session ID: 21880