Special Programs

Contract Workshop: Best Practice Indemnification Provisions

2:30 PM–3:45 PM Jun 19, 2017 (America - Los Angeles)

Room 10, Upper Level

Biotechnology companies routinely enter into contracts with a variety of business partners. Too frequently, they are signed without considering the downstream consequences of one-sided indemnification provisions or the liberal granting of additional insured status. Failing to realize the extent to which such provisions are negotiable, or rushing to sign a contract because of it’s perceived importance, irrespective of whether liabilities are fairly apportioned, are common traps which challenge both emerging and established companies. This session will provide a practical framework within which a company will be able to establish their own philosophical and contractual approach, in their own legal templates, as well as a methodology to assess the contracts of others you are asked to sign.

Session ID: 21930