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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) rank antibiotic resistance as one of the most significant threats to public health worldwide and is responsible for the deaths of over 700,000 people annually. Global leaders met at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2016 to commit to fighting antimicrobial resistance together - the urgency of the issue was reinforced as this was only the fourth time in the history of the UN that a health topic was discussed at the General Assembly (Ebola, HIV and noncommunicable diseases were the others). This session aims to evaluate the recent partnerships that have been developed to help de-risk the research and development of antimicrobial products. These include the IMI ENABLE program, the recent CARB-X biopharmaceutical accelerator, the ARLG group funded by NIAID and efforts by the US Government to develop a clinical trials network to streamline antimicrobial trial design.

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