Nevada as a New Model for Population Health Study

4:15 PM–5:15 PM Jun 21, 2017

Room 6D, Upper Level

Having just launched one of the largest community-sponsored population health and genetics programs in the United States; Renown Health, the Desert Research Institute and 23andMe are changing how we think of population health and genetic research. Learn how this unique collaboration recruited 10,000 Nevadans (including the Governor) in less than 48 hours, offering the opportunity for Nevadans from all backgrounds and walks of life to volunteer for research and gain access to their individual genetic information at no cost. The panel will discuss how a team of doctors, data experts and environmental scientists are combining genetic data with health and population data, as well as information from environmental databases, to model public health risks ranging from disease and illness, to the effects of air quality on the health of Nevadans.

Session ID: 22103