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When a biologics company is preparing to launch a new product, the decision-making process can be daunting. Inaccurate forecasts for product sales, timing and dosage can lead to drastically different demand scenarios, making the planning process difficult at best. Biopharma manufacturing executives are faced with numerous options for capacity planning as well, including: insourcing vs. outsourcing, large-scale vs. small-scale, single-use vs. stainless steel and existing capacity vs. new. The selected approach can have a ripple effect throughout the business impacting decisions around hiring, cash flow, schedule duration, capacity availability, cost of goods, etc. Lastly, the availability of capacity between small- and large-scale biomanufacturing is scarce and further complicates the process, sometimes leading to organizations choosing a less than optimal solution.


Join us as we review the formidable challenges and decisions facing biopharma manufacturing executives. With business strategies and decision-making processes varying significantly from one biopharma to the next, our panel of industry experts will share their unique insights and perspectives and demonstrate how there is really no one-size-fits-all solution in biomanufacturing, regardless of company size.

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