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4:45 PM–5:00 PM Jun 21, 2017 (America - Los Angeles)

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epiSCI aims to revolutionize cancer therapies based on the differences between normal human stem cells and cancer stem cells. 40% of the US population will be afflicted by cancer in their lifetime. 95% of all cancers are cancers of our internal organs, called carcinomas. Until now, limited ability to study the normal human stem cells of our internal organs, has impeded our understanding of how carcinomas arise and how to effectively eliminate them. epiSCI uses its proprietary technology and unique know-how on normal human stem cells to pioneer their study and to use them in cancer-drug development. Normal, human, organ resident stem cells are different than the stem cells widely used and studied and they are the only relevant cell to the study of human carcinomas. epiSCI uses normal stem cells in conditions as close as possible to these found in the human body in the context of a human organ. Normal stem cells within our organs divide to replenish themselves and the rest of the cells in the organ. That’s why we have a four day-old gut in the body of an eighty year-old person. When normal stem cells lose control of their function, carcinomas arise. Current cancer drugs kill the bulk of the tumor but fail to eradicate cancer stem cells, rare cells that are the roots and seeds of cancer. Resistant to therapy, cancer stem cells are responsible for the spread of cancer and for 90% of cancer deaths. Even some heralded immunotherapies are not able to overcome drug resistance. epiSCI views cancer stem cells as the product of a diseased stem cell's effort for self-renewal. Unless we can eradicate the cancer stem cells, we are not addressing the problem of cancer mortality. epiSCI will include normal human stem cell controls and cancer stem cells in its novel platform, to develop safer, less toxic drugs that effectively eradicate cancers, leaving the normal stem cells intact. The addressable combined pharmaceutical/biomarker market in the USA is $75 billion, growing at rates in excess of 18% a year. epiSCI technology will reduce drug development costs and failure rates, while ultimately saving lives.

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