Company Overview
IONOVATION markets a new generation of oligonucleotides allowing an easy cellular membrane transfer due to a covalently bound molecular delivery structure. Furthermore efficacy and toxicity tests for new drug candidates are provided, that are: rapid, sensitive, and affordable.

Ionovation's Ionochem product and service line is focussed on the chemical modification of drug candidates to optimise their biodistribution and cellular membrane transfer.
Many drugs are designed to target molecules inside cells. Due to the hydrophobic nature of the cell membranes however not all types of drugs can enter the cells satisfactorily – especially negatively charged oligonucleotides require a delivery system to reach the inner part of the cell. Established nanoparticular oligonucleotide delivery systems deliver the substances mainly to the liver. Ionovation's proprietary IonoChem technology provides a novel and highly effective solution to this problem by adding lipophilic tails directly to molecules, which allows them to pass through membranes, thus increasing bioavailability, by exploiting unique properties on the nanoscale. Ionovation holds the central patent family PCT/EP2013/069936 for this technology.
Ionotec product line offers instrumentation, consumables, and services centred around membrane biophysics with instruments for the automated reproducible, and hence routine oriented generation of lipid bilayers for the analysis of biomembrane related phenomena. Ionotech thereby helps to investigate the Ionochem delivery technology and offers the possibility to effectively monitor drug optimisation.

Our main motivation is to push the technology into clinical development and find cooperation partners as well as potential clients: medium and large pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic labs and institutes developing potential treatments against cancer, infectious, metabolic or age related diseases on the basis of oligonucleotides.

IONOVATION in cooperation with the oligonucleotide synthesis and drug development specialist BIANOSCIENCE ( will set up offices in the USA in the years to come. Thus, we are also interested in discussions with economic regional agencies including New York, Washington and California as well as investors to further develop the technology and start a clinical pipeline.