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Company Overview
MagGenome Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a startup in the field of nano-biotechnology with primary focus on developing magnetic nanoparticles based technologies for life science, chemical, pharmaceutical and engineering applications. We have developed a number of products specifically with bare magnetic nanoparticles which are technically proficient and industrially viable. One of our major initiatives is to develop nucleic acid extraction kits using our patented magnetic nanoparticles based technology. The company has developed DNA extraction kits under the brand name “XpressDNA”. Another major achievement in the first year of inception was to patent our novel technique for immobilizing proteins on bare nanoparticles without any loss of functional properties. Enzymes, antibodies and other functional proteins were successfully immobilized using this method and the company has started doing custom projects since January 2017. The immobilized affinity chromatography ligands such as Protein A, Protein G and Glutathione are branded as XpressAffinity product line.
The advantages of our products include high binding capacity due to large surface area of nanoparticles, no polymeric coating material on the particles and zero dependence on centrifugation or packed columns. In 2017, MagGenome will introduce its XpressDNA product line including DNA extraction kits for tissue/cell lines, plasmids and bacteria along with the XpressAffinity products including immobilized Protein A, Protein G and Glutathione. We own the patents for our technologies and have published in high quality scientific journals. MagGenome will also focus on other applications of magnetic nanoparticles in near future for providing solutions in the areas of diagnostics, therapeutics and environmental remediation.