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Company Overview
ABL provides contract manufacturing (CMO) and laboratory research (CRO) services to advance leading vaccines and therapies from preclinical and clinical development to the commercial market. We combine our expertise in translational science together with operational excellence to solve the challenging product development problems to advance our clients’ candidates, including vaccines, gene and cellular therapies, immuno-oncology therapies, and antivirals.

ABL’s contract research teams offer immunological assessments that range from a comprehensive characterization of the immune response to a targeted effort on one readout. ABL’s service offerings include development, validation and execution of activities from functional assays to immunoassays. We also offer multiplexing assays which are particularly useful in conserving sample volume and the simultaneous assessment of numerous analytes (MSD, Aushon, FACS, Luminex). Sometimes small changes can have large impacts, and it is possible that your novel product may have biomarkers that are difficult to measure. For these projects, we have ultra-sensitive detection capabilities, including Quanterix, Singulex, and Aushon platforms. Our scientists work as an extension of your R&D or clinical group by providing study design support, expert data analyses, and technical guidance throughout your preclinical or clinical program. Our clinical labs are ISO 9001 accredited and the U.S. site is GCLP accredited.

With cGMP facilities located in the U.S. (Rockville, MD) and Europe (Strasbourg, France), ABL is well positioned to provide comprehensive development and manufacturing support for protein and virus production in compliance with EU and FDA regulations. ABL provides our clients with a fully integrated solution that includes cell line and process development, GMP manufacturing, QC release testing and QA/Regulatory support. We also offer state-of-the-art, fully automated aseptic fill-finish services for proteins and live virus. We utilize single-use bioreactor platforms and other disposable technologies, such as HYPERStacks, Cell Factories, and Roller Bottles. ABL manufactures mAbs, recombinant proteins, glycoproteins, VLPs, lentivirus, AAV, gene therapies and many other product types.

ABL is a subsidiary of the Institut Mérieux, a global organization committed to serving medicine and public health across the globe.

2:00 PM–5:00 PM Jun 20, 2017


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