Company Overview
Excelra Knowledge Solutions (formerly GVK Informatics) is a next-generation Bioinformatics and a Pharma consulting company creating value for our partners in the Biotech, Pharma and Life Science industries for more than 15 years now. Excelra's expertise span across Pharma Analytics, Computational Biology, Drug Repurposing-Portfolio management, Data Solutions, Data Indexing & Abstraction and Data Analytics. The company has over nine successful Drug Repurposing collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies and has developed a proprietary industry leading Drug Repurposing Platform and Computational Biology capabilities.

Excelra has a team of 650+ scientists with rich experience in Chemistry, Biology and Clinical Sciences who are engaged in curation of databases that are considered as industry standards and numerous publications have been made using the underlying content.
Excelra's portfolio of customers include some of the world's largest Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Publishing, Agrochemical, Life Sciences and Academic institutions in the USA, EU, Japan and Asia Pacific.