Company Overview
The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a Japanese governmental organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. In recent years, JETRO has shifted its focus on promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium-sized Japanese firms maximize their global potential.
JETRO Yokohama, located in the second largest city in Japan and home to large multinational corporations such as Nissan Motors, Apple, Fuji Xerox and Dow Chemical, works closely together with local governments and private entities to promote inward FDI into Yokohama. JETRO Yokohama provides free consulting, market and subsidy information, business matching services, and temporary office space for companies looking into expanding to Japan.
The City of Yokohama also offers assistance exclusively for foreign firms such as business matching, use of temporary offices, business consultations and many more. Having a stronghold in the life sciences industry, the city of Yokohama houses bio-related companies, R&D facilities, and universities such as, the Yokohama City University, Tokyo University of Science, Riken and many more.
In December 2016, the City of Yokohama launched a program, “Yokohama Life Innovation Platform,” (LIP Yokohama) in efforts to build a stronger foundation to promote innovation in the life sciences sector. With collaborative efforts amongst government, universities, and industries, LIP Yokohama hopes coordinate and create opportunities to foster the next generation of science.
On this occasion at BIO 2017, JETRO Yokohama and the City of Yokohama look forward to meeting companies whom are interested in doing business in Japan.