SISCAPA Assay Technologies
N. Leigh Anderson, Ph.D. is a Founder and CEO of SISCAPA Assay Technologies, ( His interests are focused on the proteins of human blood (principally the plasma proteome), quantitation of disease biomarkers, and the introduction of biomarker panels in clinical diagnostics via peptide-level mass spectrometry assays (the SISCAPA technology). Dr. Anderson obtained a BA in Physics from Yale and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Cambridge University, working at the MRC laboratory of Molecular Biology on hemoglobin structure with M. F. Perutz, and later with Sydney Brenner. Subsequently he co-founded (with Dr. Norman Anderson) the Molecular Anatomy Program at the Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago) where his work in the development of 2-D electrophoresis technology earned him the 1983 Pittsburgh Conference Analytical Chemistry Award. After leaving Argonne, Dr. Anderson was Chief Scientific Officer at Large Scale Biology Corporation, whose proteomics division he founded in 1985, and co-led a successful Nasdaq IPO in 2000. He has served on the boards of directors of three public technology companies including Dade Behring, a global diagnostics company acquired by Siemens. He has published 175 papers, been granted 40 US Patents, and was awarded the 2009 Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) Distinguished Achievement Award in Proteomic Science. SISCAPA received the 2014 HUPO Science and Technology Award.