Head of Tech Transfer Office

about AP-HP (Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris):

We are a teaching hospital with a European dimension globally recognized. Our 39 hospitals attended each year 8 million sick people: consultation in emergency hospitalizations during scheduled or home hospitalization. We provide a public health service for all, 24/24, and it is for us both a duty and pride.

care for all

We provide all medical and surgical specialties and we rely on all diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

We treat all patients who come to our hospitals, regardless of their income: access to the best care in our hospitals is not dependent on your social or financial status. Each year we receive more than 1.3 million people in our 25 emergency services . We provide the essential tasks of screening and prevention, and facilitate access of the poor to hospital care by supporting them in the necessary steps for the recognition of their rights.

We provide high level care, including for rare diseases, poorly supported, or extremely expensive treatments such as transplants or care for burn victims.

The research

We do research to continually improve care and develop new treatments. At AP-HP, you get advanced search and you make progress, participating for example, if you wish and under the control of an ethics committee, "clinical trials" or "tests therapeutic ". We have a research foundation whose mission is to fund research projects in our hospitals, in addition to existing resources.

Education and training

We are doctors, midwives, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, dentists, health care executives, nurses, nursing assistants, radiographers, laboratory technicians, physiotherapists, pediatric nurses , rehabilitation workers, laborers and administrative personnel, etc.

We also train patients, through our actions of therapeutic education

. You, patients and relatives are involved in your treatment, but also improving our hospitals across instances, the actions of health democracy, and associations.