Molecular Assemblies, Inc
A tough-minded executive known for visionary leadership in innovation, high-growth and under performing businesses. Larry G Stambaugh is the founding principal at Apercu Partners, where he serves as an advisor to private, public and non-profit management and boards. Mr. Stambaugh was recently the Managing Director at the Centre for Bioinspiration for the San Diego Zoo Global where he established the Centre that develops the genius of nearly 4 billion years of adaptations in animals and plants into innovative products and services. The Centre was formed to develop an incubator model that can be connected around the world to bring together private, public and academic organizations to effectively develop nature’s intelligence for the sustainable advancement of mankind, animals, aquatic life and plants. He has been the CEO, Chairman of the Board or Director of several public and private companies in multiple industries. During his more than 40-year career Mr. Stambaugh's visionary leader has built successful management teams around his ability to awaken the leader within his associates to have them achieve extraordinary results. Mr. Stambaugh has raised over $500 million of capital in private and public financing. He has taken a company public in both the U.S. and Europe. He has completed several strategic partnerships with Fortune 100 and other companies. Mr. Stambaugh has had a penchant for board activities and corporate governance practices for over three decades. He has received the “Director of the Year” recognition an unprecedented three times for his work in corporate governance leadership and education. Specialties: Experienced top executive and leader in corporate governance in public, private and non-profit companies in clean tech, life sciences, contract research services company, equipment manufacturing, retail sales, mulit- bank commercial banking and business strategy development.