Scientist, Technologies, Standards and Norms Team; Group Lead, Norms and Standards for Biologicals
EMP, HIS Cluster, World Health Organization
Scientist, Technologies, Standards and Norms Team, Group Lead, Norms and Standards for Biologicals, Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products (EMP), Health Systems and Innovation (HIS) Cluster, World Health Organization (WHO), Switzerland Dr Knezevic is Specialist in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology. She received her MD from the University of Novi Sad, MSc in Medicine (Microbiology) and PhD in Medicine (Virology) from the University of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Dr Ivana Knezevic has 24 years of professional experience in standardization, scientific and regulatory overview of biologicals. Dr Knezevic is a Scientist at the WHO Biological Standardization Programme, which she joined in September 2000, and since then her activities have been devoted to the standardization and evaluation of biologicals at the global level. Since 2006, she has been leading the team for standardization of vaccines and biological therapeutics in WHO Headquarters. Main aspects of the work include development and establishment of WHO International Standards as well as the assistance to regulators, manufacturers and other users of these standards. In the area of biotherapeutics, she coordinated the development of WHO’s Guidelines on evaluation of Similar Biotherapeutic Products (SBPs), and organized a series of workshops to facilitate the implementation of guiding principles for evaluation of biotherapeutic products into regulatory and manufacturers' practices. Being responsible for 8 WHO Collaborating centers for standardization and evaluation of vaccines and other biologicals, Dr Knezevic initiated numerous scientific projects of importance for global public health. In 2012, she created a network of the institutions that are playing a leading scientific and regulatory role in their countries (UK, Japan, Australia, USA, Republic of Korea, Canada, China and Germany). In addition, continuous collaboration with National Regulatory Authorities, manufacturers, academia and other experts in the area of biological products is one of the main aspects of her work. Dr Knezevic is the author of many publications that made broad audience aware of WHO initiative in the development, establishment and implementation of standards for vaccines and biotherapeutic products. She is also contributing to the peer-review scientific journals with the international reputation.